Solar Solutions

We offer solar solutions as per the site requirement based on turn key basis from designing the system to supply of equipment, installation & commissioning of the system. We offer following types of solar solutions/systems:

  • On-Grid Solar Solution
  • Off Grid Solar Solution
  • On/Off Grid Solar Solutions
  • Solarizing the Existing UPS
  • Solar Site Surveys
The main highlight of our solar projects is the designing of the system. We use software like HelioScope, Aurora Solar, EnergySage, SolarGraf, Energy Toolbase. We are also currently providing Technical Consultancy and Solar Energy related services to many firms in the USA, Australia, Pakistan, Canada, and other countries.
We have already designed & installed more than 20 major and many small solar projects including off-grid, hybrid, on-grid systems etc. We supply & install equipment from top brands like Jinko. Talesun, Astro, Axpert, Infini, Goodwe, Catkin, Narada, Sacredsun etc. The selection of  he system is purely done on the basis of compatibility of the equipment within the system and site requirement. This is achieved by using the software mentioned above.