Solar Energy and Usage in Pakistan: Basic and Brief Study (Part I)

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The title of this article may surprise the readers. How is it possible to have a reduction in the everyday gas expenses with solar energy? But SEEE Technologies does have a simple yet very useful way to bring this change in our daily lives. Let’s have a look at it:

Solar energy / power can be used to run the geezers and stoves just like we use gas. We just need to make a certain investment for purchasing solar appliances or converting the existing ones to solar energy. You will have to surely take money out of your pocket but do think about the comfort and ease it brings into the life.

Gas shortage and load shedding in winters

We have to face this problem in winter season when we need the gas the most. Cooking, bathing and washing with hot water, heating our places becomes a necessity in winters. Just imagine you need tea or coffee to warm yourself, cook food, have a bath or wash clothes with warm water but the gas supply is off and you are unable to do the tasks. What could you do in such a situation except fuming or sitting in wait for the gas? Sometimes, the wait can be hours long.

Right now, government is doing gas load shedding in big cities after 10PM including Lahore and others. This is a certain problem for domestic users. Now they have to rush and do complete their cooking, washing, bathing, and gas related tasks before 10PM. Restaurants, tea stalls, and tandoors are compelled to use LPG cylinders for running their businesses. However, the real plight is for domestic users as bearing the heavy expenses of LPG is not feasible for all people.

Natural gas is a very vital asset that can’t be generated

Gas is a natural source like wind and water that can’t be generated like the electricity. We and our industrial sectors have to face enormous difficulties if this natural source is not or less available. Think about the commercial entities that need gas 24/7. Gas is extremely important for producing ammonia, fertilizers, and other chemicals. These chemicals are essential for the industries like food and beverages, garments and clothing, computer, medicine, and plastic etc. That’s why; the industrial usage of natural gas becomes much more important than domestic usage. When we cut down our domestic use of natural gas by converting to the solar power, we can do a great service for our manufacturing industries and factories. Additionally, when we convert our gas appliances to the solar ones, our gas bill will also be reduced. That means a great relief for our pocket and budget.

This is not only to give a financial relief and unstressed way of life, rather this is extremely vital for saving the natural asset of gas and securing our industries’ future.

SEEE Technologies is very much there for providing you with the service of conversion from gas to solar power with the state of the art service and international standards. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for consultation and move to a new worry-free life style.


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