Solar Energy and Usage in Pakistan: Basic and Brief Study (Part II)

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Solar Power System Scams

Scams are part of life. Almost all of us are cheated sometime or the other. Just like fake prize schemes and other money frauds, solar system service providers may also be false, and befool you to loot the money. As more and more people are now adopting solar system at home, office, business / industry, so are some people working to rob them off. However, it is not a big problem. With care and vigilance, we can be save ourselves from such frauds.

A person(s) can only befool you when you have no proper knowledge of the working and installation of solar system. For staying away from such incidents, you just need to bother a bit. Like, please do have complete knowledge before consulting any service provider. A simple way of it is to look out for someone in your neighborhood or relatives who is already using solar system. Use their reference. Ask questions to test the ability and standards of the service providers. Demand them to show you their previous and ongoing solar projects, documentation, sponsors, and partners. Investigate about their presence in market, repute, and quality. First, visit their website. You will do have an idea what standards they are following with the look and feel of website.

If you show any ignorance and negligence, they may take advantage of it and deceive you with substandard material. Certain robbers and fake service providers cheat people with plastic / glass sheets covered with blue paper material. It looks like solar panel. If you have not seen a solar panel with your eyes, you can’t differentiate between the fake and real ones. First visit them in person and check out their quality of components thoroughly. Don’t trust anyone and let them enter your home, office, workplace, or industry until you are fully satisfied.

Many venders and service providers are working in market with low quality China imported material. Beware of these people!

Government Funding for Solar Power Projects

Pakistan uses natural gas (44%) as the major source of electricity production. Natural gas comes under the category of fossil fuels. All over the world, governments are looking for renewable and more dependable sources for power and energy production. By the end of 2017, Pakistan had an installed solar capacity of 730 MW. Pakistan heavily depends on oil, LPG, and natural gas for fulfilling the fuel and energy needs. It is struggling to cover up the huge gap between the supply and demand of electricity. According to NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority), this demand-supply gap by the end of 2016 was 5298 megawatts (MG).

“Renewable energy is on top of NEPRA’s agenda.” Tauseef H. Farooqi, Chairman NEPRA.

The current Pakistan government is promoting solar power projects to cater the growing power and energy demands of the country. It has permitted 41 solar projects worth of more than 1730 MG. AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board) have introduced the online net metering module. According to the AEDB website, domestic users are producing 60MG of electricity through net metering. For the very first time in Pakistan, AEDB has located the most suitable places for solar power projects as per international and scientific standards.

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